One Size Fits All

Published July 19th, 2021 by Dirty Blinds

At we don’t just make ultrasonic blind cleaning machines; we clean with the ultrasonic machines we make! See why our “All in One” cleaner makes the most sense over other competitors cleaners.

The owner of (Marc Miller) has always been known as the “MacGyver” in the blind cleaning industry. One day while looking over all the competitor’s equipment online, a light bulb went off. Why are some of these companies trying to sell a multi-tank system that requires you to move the immersible transducer packs and ultrasonic generators from one tank to another, just because you want to clean a different type or size item? The answer became obvious, so they can sell you more equipment. Well, we don’t look at this industry the same way. Our owner is always looking for a better and more practical way to design a better mouse trap. The question to our engineer was… is there a way we can design and build a wide-open tank and by inserting different size tanks into this bigger main tank change the dimensions? This would eliminate the need for several different size stainless steel tanks. Not to mention all the work and inconvenience of unbolting and reinstalling the ultrasonic transducers and ultrasonic generators from one tank to another. Also, who wants to carry around or use up valuable space storing different size stainless steel tanks when not in use? If you clean blinds utilizing a mobile trailer or truck where would you store these tanks while cleaning blinds in your mobile blind cleaning trailer or truck?

Within our “All in One” cleaner you only carry one main tank and one insert tank, which can easily be stored in your truck, van, trailer without taking up any valuable space. Heck, you could even carry our small insert tanks in the back seat of a car. Try doing that with two or three stainless steel tanks. Our insert tanks are light and easy to carry. So, when you’re on a blind cleaning jobsite and you now want to clean other items like chandeliers, golf clubs, silk trees and plants, fire restoration items, and much more, just easily replace the insert tanks to accommodate the size item you want to clean. With our “All in One” ultrasonic cleaner there is NO NEED to unbolt transducer packs or ultrasonic generators. They all stay in place; they never need to be moved…EVER. It’s that simple!

Our question to you is…do you want to carry around three different size stainless steel tanks. With the competitor’s machines, whenever you want to clean something that does not fit in one tank you would have to unbolt the ultrasonic transducer packs from one tank and bolt them into another size tank. Then you will have to do the same with the ultrasonic generators. That would take at least a ½ hour to complete versus just removing one of our insert tanks and replace it with another in less than five (5) minutes. Watch our video presentation by clicking here to see how easy it is to change out the different size insert tanks in our “All in One” cleaner.

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