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Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning - The Professional Way!

Locate Blind Cleaners by clicking on the button to the left that says "Find an Ultrasonic Blind Cleaner" Ultrasonic blind cleaning equipment can be purchased as a business opportunity by clicking on the yellow button to the left that says "Business Opportunity". Ultrasonic Blind cleaners are trained by a certified blind cleaning specialist at our Dirtyblinds.com headquarters. We have trained Ultrasonic blind cleaners all over the world. All dirtyblinds.com locations are professionally trained by either Hands-On Training and/or by utilizing our state of the art On-Line Training Website. Our training covers blind cleaning, blind repairs, marketing and how to build a user-friendly workshop. We are not a Franchise; all of our clients are independent operators in the ultrasonic blind cleaning business. Only our clients that pass our training program are listed on this website. Some choose to license the use of our registered trademark name "Dirtyblinds.com" and some do not. Although they are trained and supported by our company, they are not associated with Dirtyblinds.com headquarters which is a division of Ultrasonic Cleaners, Inc.

In the rapidly growing industry of window blinds, new blinds are always being introduced to the market place. With the introduction of these new window treatments, new ultrasonic blind cleaning techniques are going to be required. Who better to teach these new blind cleaning techniques then the company that developed most of them in existence today? Our goal in the blind cleaning industry today as well as the future, is to always look for the best way to clean, market and service to the ultrasonic blind cleaning customer.

Are All Dirtyblinds .com Blind Cleaners Certified?

As the leaders in the ultrasonic blind cleaning industry, dirtyblinds.com has taken on the responsibility of researching and developing more efficient ways for our blind cleaners to service their customers. All ultrasonic blind cleaners listed on dirtyblinds.com have enrolled in training classes and have passed the NACUC (North American Certified Ultrasonic Cleaners) training class. Once they have completed their training on how to properly clean blinds, repair blinds, sell new blinds, install blinds as well as learn the proper use of their ultrasonic blind cleaning equipment , they are then classified as certified ultrasonic blind cleaners in the window treatment industry.

What Blinds Are Your Clients Certified To Clean?

All certified ultrasonic blind cleaners are trained to clean and repair mini blinds, vertical blinds, pleated shades, cellular shades, silhouette shades, luminettes, viginettes, faux wood and real wood blinds.To locate a certified blind cleaner nearest you just enter your zipcode here.You can also sign up to receive monthly coupons while your visiting this link to certified blind cleaners.

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Here are our featured DirtyBlinds ultrasonic blind cleaning locations: