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Equipment Pricing

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All Blind Cleaner purchases include 1 Gallon of Each:

  • Water Softener
  • Cleaning Solution
  • Degreaser Solution
  • Dri-Agent

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Benefits In Using Our Registered Trademark Name    

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1) 20% Off All of Our Cleaning Solutions 1) Full Price Cleaning Solutions
2) 1st Year Free Listing on ($500.00 value)2) No Discount
3) Free Email Account
4) 5 Page Website ($100.00 /month) Sample:
3) No DirtyBlinds Email Account
4) Build and Market Your Own Website

Purchasing Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Equipment manufactured by is all about choices. From starting off your blind cleaning business with a blind cleaner and servicing your clients with a pickup and delivery service, to building a top of the line turn-key trailer so you can service all your clients on-site, and with many other options in between. On this page is a list of all the different size blind cleaners, blind cleaning mobile trailers, as well as other options we offer. Choose from the options above to decide how you would like to start your own blind cleaning business. has always been about choices and options when it comes to our clients. There is NO wrong way to start up in this exciting and growing industry of ours. Its more about a budget and convenience when servicing your clients. We suggest starting out by deciding which blind cleaner you want to start your business with. Then decide on how you want to service your future clients (pickup & delivery or onsite via a trailer). If you have questions, please call our office and we will be more than happy to answer them for you.

The first choice you have is whether you would like to License the use of our Registered Trademark Name “”, Or to use your own name for your blind cleaning business. In the case of using our name, let’s say you will be running your business in the Tampa, FL area, you would then be named “ of Tampa”. We then give you a license to operate your business under that name, which will give you exclusivity to the zip codes for that area. In other words, we only set up one (1) blind cleaner in an area while still giving you the right to service outside that area. This gives you the exclusive rights to your zip code area but at the same time not limiting you to that area. BETTER THAN A FRANCHISE WITHOUT THE COST OF ONE! The fee for this exclusivity is only $1,000.00 per year. This exclusivity also includes discounts of 20% on all future purchases of blind cleaning solutions and a FREE first year listing on “” which is one of our website that is a directory for blind cleaners, blind repairers, and blind installers ($500.00 value). believes in promoting its clients. See an example by visiting and putting in the zip code 14004. You will then see an example of one of our dealers and how they are listed on this premier website that is designed to help people find a blind cleaner, blind installer, and blind repair company in their area.