Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning Solutions

The industries most concentrated cleaning solutions. Payless, and most concentrated in the blind cleaning industry. Nothing cleans as good as cleaning solutions. Our competitors clients even purchase our cleaning solutions® not only designs ultrasonic blind cleaning machines but also has available the best ultrasonic blind cleaning chemistry on the market today.

Why use our chemistry?

  • Our concentration level…you’ll use less and save more.
  • Our competitors’ clients purchase from us
  • Our own clients keep coming back
  • We provide references
  • 100% biodegradable…WE THINK GREEN
  • Comparison shopping will show you can save up to 200% off costs you would incur purchasing and using the competition’s chemistry. With our cleaning solutions you’ll only need 2-3 ounces compared to our competition’s chemistry where you might use a cup or more!

Our cleaning solutions are sold in 1 gallon jugs. The chemistry that we have available along with the cost associated are as follows:

cleaning solutions

Developed in-house and field tested since 1992, ® chemistry is preferred over all others. Although the benefits of ultrasonic energy are numerous, the key to cleaning blinds is in the selection of the proper ultrasonic equipment, cleaning chemistry and drying agent.

All of ® biodegradable cleaning solutions are environmentally safe and are supplied with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

The importance of cleaning chemistry selection cannot be over-stressed and should be made an important part of the overall cleaning process. Cleaning solutions should not only be chosen for their cleaning ability but also for their compatibility with the blind materials to be cleaned and their ability to effectively transmit ultrasonic energy. All of® chemistry is highly concentrated, biodegradable and are environmentally safe.