Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Course

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Course

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Course

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What our clients have to say about our Online Training:

Dirtyblinds.com's On-Line Blind Cleaning training has proven to be a true blessing. If I am ever on a blind cleaning job and I am in question about a blind cleaning issue, I can simply utilize my lap top, log onto the online training program and seek the answer to my question(s). The videos are clear and easy to understand. I love the reference charts as well. You can tell this on-line training was put together by someone who has been cleaning & repairing blinds for a long time.

Way to go Marc! You are such an innovator in the blind industry! Please keep up the good work.

Cynthia Simms

Course Details:

Welcome to our On-Line Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Training Course. The videos, literature and pictures that are included in this course will instruct you on how to clean & dry all types of blinds. Within these videos, literature as well as pictures you will be shown all the different types of fabrics and finishes associated with each one of these type blinds. Once you have chosen a "Lesson" or "Unit" for cleaning a style of blind, you will then be instructed on what chemistry to use, what temperature to clean in and how long that particular blind should be cleaned in ultrasonics. 

In other words... NO GUESS WORK.

As new blinds and ideas are introduced to the market place, we continue to add lessons and units to this training site. To us training is an ongoing process

At Dirtyblinds.com we are always open to suggestions. If you would like to suggest a topic or idea please call or email us under the "Company & Contact Information" link at the bottom of each page.

We are here to help & support our clients, not just to sell them a blind cleaner.

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  • Lesson: Getting Started    
  • Lesson: Back Up On-Site Trailer    
  • Lesson: Blind Cleaner Maintenance
  • Lesson: Blind Cleaning Golden Rules
    • Unit: Dirtyblinds.com - Cold Is Cool Theory
    • Unit: Dirtyblinds.com - Speeding Theory
    • Unit: Dirtyblinds.com - Superman Theory
  • Lesson: Blind Cleaning Reference Charts    
  • Lesson: Cleaning Faux Woods    
  • Lesson: Cleaning Honeycomb Shades
    • Unit: A) Step By Step Cleaning Procedures for Honeycomb Shades    
    • Unit: Bright Color Shades    
    • Unit: Light Pastel Color Shades    
    • Unit: Metallic Lined Shades    
  • Lesson: Cleaning Luminette Drapes    
    • Unit: Angelica Fabric (Non Room Darkening)    
    • Unit: Linea Fabric (Non Roon Darkening)    
    • Unit: Sheer Linen (Non Room Darkening)    
    • Unit: Stria Fabric (Non Room Darkening)    
  • Lesson: Cleaning Mini Blinds    
    • Unit: A) How To Take Down Mini Blinds    
    • Unit: B) Step By Step Mini Blind Cleaning Procedures    
    • Unit: Brushed Aluminum    
    • Unit: Flat Finish    
    • Unit: Gloss Finish    
    • Unit: Metallic Finish    
    • Unit: Pearl Finish    
    • Unit: Perforated Finish    
    • Unit: Soft Suede Finish    
    • Unit: Texture Finish    
  • Lesson: Cleaning Pleated Shades    
    • Unit: A) How To Take Down Pleated Shades    
    • Unit: B) Step By Step Pleated Shade Cleaning Procedures    
    • Unit: Bright or Multi Color    
    • Unit: Light Pastel Color    
    • Unit: Metallic Backed    
    • Unit: Plastic Backing    
    • Unit: Shear with Metalic Backing    
  • Lesson: Cleaning Silhouette Shades    
    • Unit: A) How To Take Down Silhouettes    
    • Unit: B) Step By Step Silhouette Cleaning Procedure    
    • Unit: Silhouette - Bon Soir    
    • Unit: Silhouette - Originale & Naturelle    
  • Lesson: Cleaning Vertical Blinds    
    • Unit: A) How To Take Down Vertical Blinds    
    • Unit: B) Step By Step Vertical Blind Cleaning Procedures    
    • Unit: Basic Polyester    
    • Unit: Bright Polyester    
    • Unit: Macrame Verticals    
    • Unit: Material with Aluminum Backing    
    • Unit: Mirror Finish    
    • Unit: Multi Color Polyester    
    • Unit: Paper Backing    
    • Unit: Plain Vinyl    
    • Unit: Plastic Backing    
    • Unit: Polyester w/Sizing    
    • Unit: Vinyl Laminated Striped    
    • Unit: Vinyl with Cloth Inserted    
  • Lesson: Cleaning Vignette Shades    
    • Unit: How To Take Down Vignette Shades    
  • Lesson: Cleaning Wood Blinds    
  • Lesson: Drying All Types of Blinds    
    • Unit: Drying Cloth Free Hanging Verticals    
    • Unit: Drying Cloth Inserted Verticals    
    • Unit: Drying Mini Blinds & Faux Woods    
    • Unit: Drying Pleated and Honeycomb Shades    
    • Unit: Drying Silhouettes On-Site    
    • Unit: Drying Vinyl Verticals    
  • Lesson: Helpful Hints for Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning    
  • Lesson: Levolor Riviera Flat Finish Mini Blind Cleaning Procedure    
  • Lesson: Price Blind Cleaning Jobs   
  • Lesson: Removing and Re-hanging Blinds    
  • Lesson: Safety Guidelines    
  • Lesson: Ultrasonics (Definition)    
  • Lesson: Wrapping Blinds For Pick Up    
    • Unit: Wrap Horizontal Blinds    
    • Unit: Wrap Vertical Blinds