Blind Repair Course

Blind Repair Course

Blind Repair Course

What our clients have to say about our Online Training:

The On-Line Training provided by Marc Miller and his team at has proven to be invaluable to my new business. The confidence I have gained from reviewing the techniques from the on-line training before each job helps establish my credibility with my customers. Marc is so clear in his instruction that most of my questions are answered once I review the on-line training for the specific blind that I will be cleaning.

If I ever had any questions, and their Staff has always been a phone call or email away. The convenience of the web training is one of the keys to my success.

Thanks Marc
Sam Gilliam

Course Details:

About 1 out of every 6 blinds in a house is in need of some type of repair. This "Blind Repair" course will teach you all you need to know about blind repairs. Our repair videos will instruct you step by step on how to repair all types of blinds.

  1. Re-ladder Venetian Blinds (2")
  2. Repair Mini Blinds - Cut the width, Repair Ladders, Replace Tilt Controls, Replace Wands, Restring and Shorten
  3. Restring Top Down / Bottom Up Shades
  4. Restring Pleated and Honeycomb Shades 
  5. Vertical Blind Repairs - Shorten the Length (vinyl & fabric), Repair Broken Slats
  6. Replace Cord Locks on All Blinds & Shades
  7. How to Build a Wall Measuring System for All Horizontal Blinds.

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  • Lesson: Blind Repair Price Charts    
  • Lesson: Re-Ladder Venetian Blinds    
  • Lesson: Repair Mini Blinds    
    • Unit: Cut The Width    
    • Unit: Repair Ladders    
    • Unit: Replace Tilt Controls    
    • Unit: Replace Wands    
    • Unit: Restring Mini Blinds    
    • Unit: Shorten A Mini Blind    
  • Lesson: Restring A Top Down - Bottom Up Shade    
  • Lesson: Restringing Pleated or Honeycomb Shades    
  • Lesson: Vertical Blind Repairs