• Kevin & Elly Hutchins
    Hi Marc.

    Wow, it was 2006  when we first spoke on the phone.  Your passion and  enthusiasm for the business contaminated me and I knew without a doubt that this was the business for me. I became very excited about this unique niche, blind cleaning! That was then and this is now 2022, the excitement never died.  Finally, I got to meet you in person, 2021, and you haven't changed in all these years, you're still just as passionate about what you do....

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    My dream is now a reality, thanks to my husband Kevin. We're both building our own passion for the business.  It has been three months since we started our operation of pick up and  delivery, and we're putting the name of Dirtyblinds.com out in the community and have landed various residential jobs, waiting on God to bless us with a great contract. 

    Marc, I can't thank you enough for developing this business which provided me with the opportunity to own a business along side of my husband Kevin. Since you moved to SC, I missed the chance to go on the road for hands on experience, but it was all good. 

    Louann, it was a pleasure to meet you as well, you're very sweet and complementary to Marc's outgoing personality.

    Kevin said I had to write this testimony because this is my dream. Marc, Kevin loved your stories.

    Sincerely, Kevin & Elly Hutchins

  • John Cales & Mary Kline

    We just purchased a brand new DirtyBlinds.com turn-key mobile blind cleaning trailer and are eager to begin operating on the west coast. To say we’re a little excited would be an understatement!...

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    We have been operating a cleaning business in the beautiful Rogue Valley area. After doing industrial cleaning with a small company, we began looking for business opportunities in the janitorial industry. After doing a lot of research, we decided to buy our blind cleaning equipment and trailer through DirtyBlinds.com. We are so glad we did. Every detail of the building of our trailer had been overseen by the owner of Dirtyblinds.com. Marc has the experience we needed to get this trailer done the right way. Because of his experience, over 30 years of evolution went into the building of our new trailer, and it shows! While in Buffalo, we attended the Dirtyblinds.com three(3)day training class, with Marc Miller and Wayne Breissinger. We had a great time and learned valuable information that only comes from experience. Where else can you go and get over 30 years of hands-on training/knowledge in ultrasonic blind cleaning and repair industry. Who do you know in any business where the company answers their phone(24/7), and returns calls immediately?! They really do!

    Our trailer is now on its way to us, and we can’t wait to get started!

    Thank you Marc & the Dirtyblinds.com team.

  • Ismail (Izzy) El Idrissi

    To Whom It May Concern:

    My name is Izzy, From the day I discovered Dirtyblinds.com and connected with Marc Miller, Owner of Dirtyblinds.com, he has always made himself available to answer questions 24/7....

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    I went to Buffalo New York to obtain my equipment training and Marc is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and wanted to make sure I had all the tools needed to be successful in my business.

    I have been promoting my business based on the tools provided by Marc and have had business coming to me from multiple avenues creating a great start to my new business.

    I am an entrepreneur, have had a number of successful businesses, but must say that Dirtyblinds.com has been an easy startup and has an extremely profitable future for me by following the recommendations from Marc at Dirtyblinds.com.

    I recommend Dirtyblinds.com as a simple and yet wonderful business to be able to serve your community in an innovative way to clean blinds.

  • Andy & Heidi Robinson

    Dear Marc and LouAnn,

    We just want to say thank you very much for the wonderful business opportunity you have provided us with!! When we began our search for the “perfect business” we searched hi and low, scouring the internet, doing our homework, and gathering as much information as would could. After finding your website and looking at what your company had to offer, Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning seemed like the perfect fit for us. Blind cleaning, along with blind sales and repairs, is not seasonal like many other businesses and does not require a ton of overhead (i.e. storefront, inventory, etc..). We loved the concept, however, we wanted to see if there were any other ultrasonic blind cleaning companies offering a similar opportunity that we could compare yours to....

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    Well, we found a company in our area that offers a “franchise opportunity” which translates to weekly or monthly fees based on a percentage of gross sales. NO THANKS!! We then knew that Dirtyblinds.com was for us.

    When we called Marc to see how we could get started, he couldn’t have been nicer. He explained that, being in sunny So. California, we would probably want to get the warm climate trailer which doesn’t quite have all the bells and whistles that the cold climate trailer has, but will do the job just as well. I found this fascinating because the cost of the warm climate trailer was substantially less the cold climate trailer, yet he tried selling us what he thought we needed rather than a trailer that would have made him more money.

    Anyhow, as it turns out, he had a gently used cold climate trailer (which is the one we wanted anyway) that was a great deal less than a brand new one. We jumped on it and drove cross country to Buffalo to pick up our new gently used trailer!

    The training was great and Marc and LouAnn were very gracious and hospitable. We were able to go out on a couple of jobs with Wayne (who was extremely nice and helpful) to see firsthand how things operate. Overall a great experience!

    We have stayed extremely busy cleaning and repairing all types of blinds since we brought our trailer home. This is hands down one of the best decisions we have ever made! Seriously!

    Great business model, training, and support.

  • Brandyn Mitchell

    Dear Marc & Louann

    I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to dirtyblinds.com. Here is our trailer at Ingram Micro cleaning over 700 blinds in my FIRST week…wow what a start....

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    Marc, Wayne, and Lou Ann were very welcoming and in a short time able to help me understand and become a part of dirtyblinds.com.I picked up our Turn-Key trailer with the new 3D lettering in Febuary, 2012. I was the first client to get their new 3D trailer wrap…WOW it looked great. Upon arriving we received 3 days of Hands-On training. We actually went on several job sites with our trailer, this was great for the hands-on experience. We took advantage of all the hands-on training along with all the other training for cleaning, repairing & marketing which was then supported with their ON-Line training & support system. Can’t say enough about their training and support. I could have done business with several companies here on the west coast but their training and support is no where the quality of Dirtyblinds.com…I shopped them all and compared. Trust me there is nobody with the knowledge of Dirtyblinds.com…that’s why I went all the way to the East coast.Within the first week of possessing my dirtyblinds.com trailer I landed 3-residential jobs and a large commercial account totaling about 10k in work. This work took me less then two (2) weeks to complete. Since I purchased my trailer Marc has been there to help walk me through any questions I have. Marc is always just a phone call away and eager to help me anytime I call.

    This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to work for themselves and be very profitable. There are not many if any competitors out there that are as established as dirtyblinds.com. Its a great business to get involved in and I would strongly recommend dirtyblinds.com to anyone considering a career opportunity.

  • Peter Artusa

    First I would like to thank Marc, Lou Ann and Dirtyblinds.com for everything they did for me. I recently retired from a wonderful career as a Police Officer, 22 years of service. So I decided to go into business for myself. I have been a window washer for 25+years, part time and wanted to make my business the”Only” business that offered a unique service that no other window washing companies in my area offered....

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    I found Dirtyblinds.com on a search engine on the Internet and the first call was made. Being a Police Officer for many years I had some skepticism. From the first phone call to Marc to meeting him in person, he was a complete gentleman. I must have called Marc a dozen times with questions, concerns and comments, Marc always found the time to talk to me, I never felt rushed or like I was bothering him. So I made the decision to make the purchase.

    Marc guided me and the next thing I knew I was driving to Buffalo, NY for my 3 days of Training. My beautiful wife Tammy came with me. We were blown away from the first meeting with Marc and his lovely wife Lou Ann. Marc’s passion and knowledge for this industry and his desire for us to succeed go without any word that I can use. Not only did my wife and I feel comfortable with our decision, we knew that we also made two wonderful friends and joined a family of blind cleaners that is unlike any I have come across.

    When we didn’t think it could get any better, it was time to see our trailer. Marc calls it the WOW factor when you see it. My wife and I call it the “Holy S–T” factor. My wife and I were speech less. Marc and Tony thought of everything. It was a piece of art, I am speechless and every where I go I receive compliments. I have a friend that manufactures snow plows and truck referbs. He said the welding alone with my fresh water tank was extremely impressive.

    I have landed several good jobs, have been networking non stop and showing off my new trailer. When spring comes watch out world, there is a new blind cleaner in town.

    Marc, you and Lou Ann are the best, thank-you for this opportunity and most of all our growing friendship.

  • Rich D’Orsa & Dorothy Kircher

    Dear Marc,

    We just wanted to thank you again so much for all the support and time you have given us since the very first time we talked. You could have tried to push and harass us to get into the business but you didn’t. Now I know why you didn’t, because you didn’t have to, it really works....

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    Your Hands-On & On-Line Training is superior to anything your competition offers. In most cases we just log in to your On-Line Training site to study or get answers to our question(s), however when we call with a question or for help, you answer, or call us right back… That’s SUPPORT!! Since we returned home we have landed several big accounts (Applebee’s, Friendly’s), and have done a lot of residential work as well. We’re excited because we have only started a few months ago, and realize we’ve barely scratched the surface. Not only are we happy we’ve started a business relationship with you, we also feel like we’ve made a friend for life.

    Thank you very much for everything, and we are extremely excited to be growing this business with you!!

    Thank You,

  • Chris, Ashley, Colin, Fina, Cruz and Toula Hickmon

    Our family learned of Marc and DirtyBlinds.com after much searching for blind cleaning equipment. We quickly learned that Marc’s knowledge and professionalism is unsurpassed in the industry. Our experience with Marc was outstanding from the first phone conversation. It only took a few moments for us to realize that we had found the perfect partner for starting our mobile onsite blind cleaning business....

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    After signing a licensing agreement with Marc to utilize his trademarked name of DirtyBlinds.com, we were quickly introduced to a thorough online training program that encompassed every aspect of the industry, from start-up, to operations, to marketing. Marc has thought of it all.

    After a couple months of online training, we scheduled a three day intensive training with Marc in Buffalo, New York. The visit was filled with additional information and personal insight from Marc himself. Since returning from our training with Marc, our business has exploded. Our family couldn’t have a better partner in business.

    Thanks for everything Marc.

    The Hickmon Family

  • Cynthia Simms

    I decided to extend my entrepreneurship by becoming a certified window blind cleaner. This accomplishment was achievable with the assistance of Dirtyblinds.com. I purchased my ultrasonic blind cleaning machine and customized mobile trailer from Dirtyblinds.com. Furthermore, I flew to Buffalo, New York to personally meet with Marc Miller (the owner) and to attend my blind cleaning training. Marc was an excellent instructor. I left New York feeling extremely confident and ready to pursue my goal at becoming the “BEST” on-site window blind cleaner within my city....

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    I feel that the keys to our success have been the on-line and hands-on training experience we received, along with unparalleled marketing and guaranteed customer satisfaction. All are vitally important when starting a blind cleaning business.

    I recently merged my blind cleaning business, Dirtyblinds.com with my existing residential and small commercial office cleaning business. A smart business decision it has been thus far. Business is thriving beyond belief!

    Dirtyblinds.com’s online blind cleaning training has proven to be a true blessing. If I am ever on a blind cleaning job and I am in question about a blind cleaning issue, I can simply utilize my lap top, log onto the online training program and seek the answer to my question(s). The videos are clear and easy to understand. I love the reference charts as well. You can tell this on-line training was put together by someone who has been cleaning & repairing blinds for a long time.

    Way to go Marc! You are such an innovator in the blind industry! Please keep up the good work. In closing I have included a picture with our black Hummer which pulls our trailer. Looks Good Huh.

  • Sam Gilliam

    I decided to go with the “Warm Climate” trailer. I needed a bigger truck to pull the bigger trailer.

    The On-Line Training provided by Marc Miller and his team at Dirtyblind.com has proven to be invaluable to my new business. The confidence I have gained from reviewing the techniques from the on-line training before each job helps establish my credibility with my customers. Marc is so clear in his instruction that most of my questions are answered once I review the on-line training for the specific blind that I will be cleaning....

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    If I ever had any questions, Marc has been a phone call or email away. The convenience of the web training is one of the keys to my success.

    Thanks Marc

  • John & Margaret Albrecht

    Marc, I would like to say to anyone considering getting into the blind cleaning/repair business that they should go through Dirtyblinds.com. I think of the one-on-one training, the online training, the 24/7 support, the passion you have for this industry, how you really do care about your clients… Not to mention your knowledge and expertise....

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    After coming to Buffalo, NY for training and then your most recent visit in December 2008 to our town, I’ve had time to get to know what makes Marc tick; I now think to myself “why would anyone want to go through any other company?”… Not only do you want to see your clients succeed but you hope to create friendships in the process.

    We have brought a great (needed) service to our area. Our customers love the service. It is so great to see the blinds transform and the smiles from our customers. We look forward to building a great business relationship with you and more importantly a strong friendship.

  • Rick Woody

    For anyone looking to get in the Blind Cleaning Business, Dirtyblinds.com’s on-line training is a wonderful tool to utilize before you travel to Dirtyblinds.com’s training center in Buffalo, NY for your Hands-on training or to pick-up your trailer like I did....

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    I ordered a turn key trailer operation form Dirtyblinds.com knowing it would take 6-8 weeks to be built. While I was waiting for the trailer to be built, I received my username and password so I could spend as much time as possible viewing all of the videos on blind cleaning, blind repairs and listening to the audio clips on marketing as well as all of the literature posted to this very comprehensive on-line training website.

    The on-line training puts you so far ahead of the learning process. This way when you get to Dirtyblinds.com you spend less time with the small aspects, you get to spend more time with Marc learning the more detailed tools of the trade. It also allows you more one on one time with Marc or a certified instructor.

    I have to say that Marc’s passion for this business is second to NONE. I strongly encourage anyone starting up in the blind cleaning business to utilize this great on-line training tool that Dirtyblinds.com has made available to our industry.

    Here is a picture of my Dirtyblinds.com trailer that I picked-up in June. My truck will be decked out with Dirtyblinds.com decals when I get home. Good Luck to all and thanks Marc for the better then expected experience.

  • The Detta Family

    Dear Marc & Lou Ann,

    We had to write and express why we have just experienced an adventure of a lifetime that only has just begun. Our family runs a well known window cleaning business for 9 years and our customers were asking about cleaning their blinds. In visiting a few web sites we came across dirtyblinds.com and we were offered a FREE video and the rest has been our adventure....

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    It started with our first phone call with Marc, who took his time to build up our confidence in ultrasonics. It was the sincere and professional manner in which we were treated that convinced us that this was the company for us. We purchased from Marc, an ultrasonic blind cleaning machine and a mobile trailer for our business. Included in this package was an extensive training program in ultrasonic blind cleaning, repairs, sales and marketing.

    We as a family would like to thank you for the training that we received. First, we were impressed with the fine tuned knowledge of blind cleaning and blind repair. The hands on instruction were from mentors who have had years of experience and knowledge in this field. Secondly, we were motivated by your marketing session in which we were left with a variety of excellent suggestions to help us market our new venture.

    We were ready and pumped to go back home to start our new business, with confidence of the 247 support line and with the structure of the company. There was no doubt in our minds that we could succeed.

    Of course, our best surprise was when we were able to see for the first time, our trailer. We were left speechless. Everything in the trailer was much more than we expected and we were totally impressed.

    We would like give a special thanks to you, Marc Miller for the 3 full days of extensive training we enjoyed at the training center and the opportunity to get to know you personally and experience the passion that you have for the success of the business. We hope we can achieve this same passion that we witnessed, in our own business.

    Thanks again.

    With heartfelt gratitude.

  • Robert and Kim Nix

    Dear Marc, My wife and I have been considering starting a business for awhile, and after some research and discussion, we finally decided on the blind-cleaning business. But, which one? More research and discussion!...

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    After talking with Marc Miller of Dirtyblinds.com, I was truly impressed with his knowledge of the business. Not only does he sell ultrasonic blind-cleaning equipment, but he uses it as well. I don’t know if that could be said of many equipment manufacturers. But the #1 reason why we chose Dirtyblinds.com is because they have always been there to answer my call. I’ve spoken to others who have purchased from Dirtyblinds.com, and I don’t have any doubt that support is TRULY only a phone call away!

    After three days of training with Marc, and the enormous amount of information I received in JUST THREE DAYS, I know for a FACT that we chose the right company! Again, thanks, Marc!

  • Tim Hughes

    Dear Marc: I wanted to take a moment to say thanks to you and Lou Ann for your help in getting me set up with equipment & supplies. The 3 days of basic training and advice on how to set up and operate our own business was very helpful. From the exploratory trip to Buffalo in February to see what the business was all about to the latest calls to your 800 number for advice or assistance, you have always been knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and professional. I particularly want to thank you for selling me your custom truck so I could get a quick start when we opened for business in April. Thanks for all your help and I look forward to a long relationship as my business blossoms....

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  • Brian & Monique O’Shea

    We purchased our ultrasonic blind cleaning machine six(6)weeks ago and with Dirtyblinds.com excellent on-line training program and hotline support our business was an instant success. We were able to “hit the ground running” rather than trying to learn as we go. This training and assistance provided us with the confidence we needed so that we were an instant hit with our customers and referral sources....

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    In the past six(6)weeks, since we started, we have set up drop off depots at drycleaners and blind retailers, arranged our phonebook yellow page ad and a marketing plan. Plus we started making money right away, completing commercial and residential projects cleaning in excess of 100 blinds and completed numerous blind repairs.

    Just buying a blind cleaner and thinking that you can instantly become a ultrasonic blind cleaner without the proper training and certification would be a huge mistake. We chose Dirtyblinds.com because Marc Miller and his extensive experience and knowledge of the ultrasonic blind cleaning industry. He is truly one of a kind.

    The service provided by Dirtyblinds.com is exceptional and the support invaluable…plus the machine is amazing too!!

    Thanks to Marc Miller and Dirtyblinds.com for providing such a great opportunity for both my wife and I. This is a great business and we look forward to continued success in the years to come.

  • Jack Ballway

    Dear Marc,

    I’d like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation for the opportunity of becoming part of the growing dirtyblinds.com family. The care and detail in which you put forth in your product, services and after purchase support has confirmed we have made the right decision to do business with your company. Marc, your passion about this business coupled with your extensive knowledge provide great enthusiasm and confidence to clients like myself who aspire to become experts in the field of blind cleaning, repair and sales. I am truly impressed with your desire to constantly improve on the products and services for your clients to make their success happen quickly....

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    I can not tell you the number of compliments I have received from the custom made trailer you built and the recognition it is receiving as I travel with it each day. Its functional capability inside rivals its professional image outside as I drive up to each new account. My business is growing steadily and the future is exciting thanks to you and your company! Marc, I look forward to working with you as our businesses continue to grow!!

    Many thanks!!

  • Wes Kachingwe

    I just wanted to thank you for making such a great opportunity available. What really sold me was the vision and the excitement you have for this business. Then after meeting you and learning more during training I knew I had made a good decision. I am only doing this for now on a part time bases but within just a few months I have landed some big accounts....

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    One of them I had to share with you is Pearson Government Solutions. Not only did I get the account to clean and repair their blinds, I also was able to clean all their lens’s and sell them more blinds for many of the windows in the facility without blinds. Overall it will be over $6000 for one account.

    Here is a picture of one of their many buildings. I have to do it in three phases. Then in March we will be doing 3 more of their locations.

    This was only possible because of the enthusiasm and confidence I have for the business.

    Again, Thank You

  • Jack Bogan

    Dear Marc,

    My business partner, Jack, and I would like to thank you for introducing us to the world of ultrasonic blind cleaning. We found your company online and after comparing you with other blind cleaning opportunities, found you offered the most detailed, extensive hands on training. The trailer and equipment inside is very professionally set up and everything we need. I must say we look pretty sharp when we arrive at a job....

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    As you know, we spent three days in Alden, NY participating in your hands on training and marketing. You have been there for many phone calls and e-mails. You really do mean you have help 24/7 when we need it. The online training is very detailed and helps with any and every type of blind we should encounter.

    Thank you for your enthusiasm as it has instilled enthusiasm in us for our business. We started at a time when the economy was bad and although we started out slow, business has steadily grown. We feel it will only get better.


    Peter Edwins

  • Douglas Desserich

    Dear Marc,

    I like to deal with people who deliver what they promise. Both you and your training deliver. You have taught us how to clean and repair every type of blind out there. How to market our services, and do it all with complete confidence. I am looking forward to a long relationship between our companies. Thanks for a job well done....

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  • Carmen C. Paone, Beverly J. Paone

    Well we were right in selecting Dirtyblinds.com as our “Blind Cleaning Specialist”. We have just started the 4th month in business and things are starting to heat up with the weather. Business has been steadily growing in all areas cleaning, repair and sales. We are promoting ourselves as the “One Stop Shop for all your window fashion needs”. ...

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    Your expertise, professional attitude, personalized training seminar, and marketing strategies of the blind cleaning service has certainly paid off and right on the money. The 24 hour hotline has been a godsend in many ways. Lou Ann has been wonderful in assisting us also. Our decision to use the Dirtyblinds.com name and website has been an excellent marketing tool. Dirtyblinds.com is becoming a household word in this area known for its professionalism and customer service. In closing we would like to say Thank You!

  • Dan Hearns

    Dear Marc, What can I say, it was a pleasure to work with your company, and I especially enjoyed the training. It was a very thorough training, yet it was also fun. My business started slow, but now is starting to grow. I just completed an Olive Garden restaurant, and have a Bob Evans to do next week, not to mention the retail house work which is keeping me very busy. I would like to take a moment to thank Dirtyblinds.com for this opportunity. Once again Thank You....

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  • Steve Pyle

    Dear Marc,

    I just had to write and tell you how excited I am about my new business. Six months ago I was not aware that a service for blind cleaning existed until one day my wife showed me an advertisement....

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    After two months of extensive research, I learned that Dirtyblinds.com was the only company that did blind cleaning and repairs for a living, as well as sell everything I needed to start my own business.

    From our first phone conversation, you were the only person who took the time to thoroughly answer every question and more. No gimmicks, no bells, no whistles – just honesty and true professionalism. The value of the training you provided was invaluable as I experienced hands on training for blind cleaning, repairs, sales, and marketing. I have never learned so much, so easily, in such a short period of time. What is so great is that it does not stop there. Just a mere phone call on your “toll free 24/7 after market support hotline” can solve any problem or answer any question we may have.

    I just completed my first major commercial job, cleaning our city’s hospital – 350 mini and vertical blinds. Everyone was amazed how nice they looked. They looked GREAT! This is the greatest investment I have ever made. Where has this business been all my life? I look forward to our ongoing work relationship.