Residential Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

1. On-Site

This service is performed in a mobile trailer using state-of-the-art cleaning technology all at your convenience. The mobile trailers are completely equipped with all the items needed to meet your blind cleaning and blind repair needs. We come to your home, remove the blinds from the windows, clean, dry and re-hang them. It doesn’t matter if the blinds are metal or cloth, we have developed special drying methods so you’re not left for days without your blinds. Your security and convenience are always our priority.

2. Pick Up and Delivery

Another convenient way to service clients is through same-day pick-up and delivery service. The normal procedure for this service is to pick-up a customer’s blinds in the morning, take the blinds back to a facility where they will be cleaned, and return them in the afternoon or early evening. This way you as a customer are not without your blinds overnight. Most customers will have their blinds picked up early in the morning before they go to work and have them delivered at a convenient time when they return home.

3. Drop Off

If you’re in a real hurry to have your blinds cleaned, you can drop off your blinds at a location nearest you. In most cases, if your blinds are dropped off before the hour of 11 a.m., they will be ready at the end of the business day. Customers find this service to be a very convenient one due to unexpected events such as last-minute parties or accidental spills or stains on their blinds, which requires them to have immediate attention. Not to mention customers like the idea of being able to drop-off their blinds on their way into work and pick them up on their way home.

4. If There Is No Located In Your Area, Then Send Your Blinds To Our Main Plant

Take advantage of this unique cleaning service and send your dirty blinds to our main plant for cleaning or repairs. We guarantee your clean blinds will be shipped back to you within 48 hours of receipt. Join the THOUSANDS of other satisfied customers that have shipped their blinds to us from around the country.

Take a look at the correct procedure to ship your dirty blinds to our main plant for cleaning or repairs and before shipping, take advantage of our Off-Site Coupons for all mail-in orders.