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WOW! What a difference! I have cellular blinds throughout my home. Actually, they are close to ten years old. I tried vacuuming repeatedly, but my blinds were still dirty. I thought that I would have to replace all of them. I called Dirtyblinds.com of WNY to have them professionally cleaned - it was definitely well worth it. My blinds look brand new. Service was prompt and efficient; and the representative was polite and helpful. I will definitely recommend Dirtyblinds.com of WNY to all my family and friends.
J.M. - Webster, NY
A few weeks ago, I got my blinds in two of my Tim Hortons locations cleaned by Wayne from Dirty Blinds. They did an excellent job cleaning out the blinds in both the locations. I would highly recommend them to anyone. If anyone has questions regarding their work please feel free to give me a call at the number below.
Amit Ahuja, Tim Hortons, 716-380-1351
I couldn't believe how dirty my blinds were after only seven years in our house. But when Dirtyblinds.com was done with them, they looked brand new. The owner, Wayne, was very professional and he couldn’t have made it any easier. They come to you, take the blinds down, clean them and re-hang them all in a matter of hours. I would definitely recommend their service.
Kristen Stavalone, Webster, NY
Our company has been using dirtyblinds.com for the past three years and is very pleased with their service. They are prompt, professional and a pleasure to do business with. They get the job done thoroughly, quickly and courteously. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Jennifer Turner - Filtros Ltd.- East Rochester, NY
As the owners of "The Olive Tree" restaurant and we purchased our blinds from Dirtyblinds.com. To offer our customers a nice, clean environment we have Dirtyblinds.com of WNY clean our blinds regularly. We are very satisfied with their service.
George - The Olive Tree - Lancaster, NY
Our blinds look great now that Dirtyblinds.com cleaned them. Their service was outstanding. Everything was done at our convenience.
Jennifer Hilltop - Lancaster, NY
We were looking for new blinds for our home and we checked around at some stores. When we contacted Dirtyblinds.com they came to our home and measured for the exact fit and brought everything to us. The selection they offered gave us several options. We couldn’t be happier with our blinds and the service that Dirtyblinds.com provided.
Sandy Jacobs - Rochester, NY
Dirtyblinds.com came to our location and performed cleaning maintenance on the blinds in our office. Work was done professionally, quickly, and quietly. I recommend Dirtyblinds.com for anyone who needs to have their blinds cleaned.
Elizabeth J. Knuth - Apple Rubber Products Inc.
We really didn't think our blinds were that dirty. It was unbelievable the difference in the look of our blinds when Dirtyblinds.com finished cleaning - the blinds looked great! We will definitely be on a regular schedule to clean our blinds.
Pam Fidler - E. Amherst, NY
Blinds look great... Dirtyblinds.com has been cleaning and repairing our blinds since 1995. They have always been on time and very courteous as well as always met with our demanding schedule with their on-site mobile blind cleaning trailer.
Dave Jackson - Olive Garden