Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning
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NYC Business Opportunity
Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

Why Choose Dirtyblinds.com?

Our ultrasonic cleaning process cleans more than just the blind itself, It also cleans the cords, wands, ladders, and lubricates the headrail as well. So not only will your blinds look like new, they will also operate like new. Our ultrasonic cleaning process also destroys bacteria, removes pollen, dust and other particles which can contribute too many health problems.

DirtyBlinds.com is a one stop shop for starting your new business. You will get:
  • Transportation
  • All Equipment
  • Cleaning Solutions
  • Comprehensive Training
  • Marketing Assistance

The first step is to To find out more, just review our online materials. We'll then contact you to see if our state of the art mobile blind cleaning business opportunity is the right fit for you.

The photo gallery represents our many satisfied customers. As you will see our ultrasonic cleaning process is perfect for cleaning many types of blinds; including: Mini Blinds, Cellular Shade, Pleated Shades, Vignettes, Silhouettes, Luminettes, All types of Vertical Blinds, Real Woods, Faux Woods and more.
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