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With have white blinds throughout my house and living next to the beach and always having our windows open can make for some really dirty blinds. With spring cleaning and trying to get the house ready for a new baby I tried to tackle and clean the blinds. I tried Swiffer’s and damp soapy cloths, but nothing really got them clean, just left them looking gray. After doing a little research and not finding anything that would clean the blinds I looked into buying new ones. I then heard of a company that would come in, take down, clean and put back up all of my blinds. Looking at the cost difference between cleaning and replacing, cleaning was actually more cost effective than replacing. I was really not up to replacing as I just bought the blinds 2 years ago, they were still brand new! I called Dirty blinds spoke to Brandon and heard more about the company, they use biodegradable cleaning solution that is safe for my family and the earth. The last thing I want is nasty fumes lingering around in the baby room. Brandon came in, took down all the blinds (5 rooms) cleaned them all and put them back up. The blinds looked brand new, even the strings were cleaned. Dirty Blinds was very profession, clean and friendly, even my 2 year old daughter who is usually very shy liked him. With another kid on the way Dirty Blinds has saved me the hassle of trying to clean the blinds throughout the house. Anyone who is considering getting new blinds due to the fact that there current ones are dirty should really consider Drity Blinds. A cost effective echo friendly way to get new looking blinds without the hassle and cost of buying new ones!
Amanda Wetherington, Huntington Beach
Wow!!! What else can I say. My husband and I were thinking of replacing our mini blinds because they were so dirty and a couple of them were broken. Heidi from dirtyblinds assured us that we would be amazed at the difference once they were cleaned using ultrasonics. She even offered to have Andy, thier technician, come out and give a demonstration just in case we were uncertain about the process. Well, thier confidence in thier service sold us and we scheduled dirtyblinds.com to do the job. Once again WOW!!!! Not only did our mini blinds come out looking almost like new, Andy was able to repair the two broken blinds. The price was good and the service and quality were amazing. Thanks dirtyblinds!!!
Karen Delgado - Encinitas, CA
We really didn't think our blinds were that dirty. It was unbelievable the difference in the look of our blinds when Dirtyblinds.com finished cleaning - the blinds looked great! We will definitely be on a regular schedule to clean our blinds.
Pam Fidler - E. Amherst, NY
I own rentals and have found DirtyBlinds to be very convenient and thorough for my blind cleaning. I usually drop them off and pick them up within just a few hours for the whole house worth of blinds. Very economical compared to replacing them between renters. They were able to get all the grease and smoke off the blinds and make them look new again. Thanks!!
Blinds look great.They were on time and very courteous.I would highly recommed Dirtyblinds of perth to my friends.
Rod .Mindarie
Wow! Fantastic job. Blinds look amazing. Highly recommend the service.
Gary and Joyce, Parker CO
They did a fantastic job! Showed up on time, were professional and courteous. I will recommend them to all my family and friends, and I would like to urge everyone with blinds in their home to check this out. I could not believe how dirty my blinds were. My blinds are now clean, the cords are even all nice and white they look brand new. Thank you DirtyBlinds.com of Riverside and San Diego!
Jean Gilman. Menifee, CA
Just finished remodeling the house and the blinds were covered with dust. I found Dirty Blinds online and saw they would come to my house and clean my blinds on site, I didn't see any other blind cleaner who offered that service. I'm glad I called them, they showed up on time and did a great job for a good price. I'd recommend them to anyone.
Ed V. in Elk Grove
Thank you james the blinds looks fantastic,it looks like when we first installed it i will use your company service again.
Jane (applecross)
"I could not have been happier with the whole experience! The technician arrived right on time, was very clean,well spoken and most important to me he didn't smoke. My blinds look like brand new and my house smells great all in 2hours! I love that they do everything on-site."
Parker, CO