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Mobile Blind Cleaning Trailers

Four Trailer Options

Turn-Key Trailer

Driver Side View

The picture above is our 16' x 7' x 8" ultrasonic blind cleaning "Turn-Key Trailer". Equipped with duel axles, this mobile blind cleaning "Turn-Key Trailer" has all of the conveniences of a work shop...but on wheels.

Our mobile blind cleaning Turn-Key Trailers are designed with our new 3D wrap (a real eye catcher). This mobile trailer is also completely self contained. It has its own water supply as well as it's own electricity. You will never have to ask a customer for water or an electrical hook up.

Heat for the Winter months and Air Conditioning for the Summer months. Our "Turn-Key Trailers" are built with twenty + years experience. This mobile ultrasonic blind cleaning trailer will allow you to Clean, Dry & Repair all size blinds ON-SITE.

Warm Climate Trailer

This "Warm Climate Trailer" shown above is 12' x 7' x 8' with a wedge front. This trailer is a Duel axle trailer with brakes. This mobile blind cleaning trailer is considered a more economical way to start an on-site cleaning business. Unlike the bigger "Turn-Key Trailer" above, this trailer is much lighter and can be pulled with just about any SUV/Van/Truck.

As an option this trailer comes with a 5500 watt Onan generator and air conditioning. You just hook up to any locations water source and the water goes through our on board heating system. This way you can fill your blind cleaner with the appropriate temperature for the type of blinds you're cleaning with out having to wait...after all time is money. This trailer is equipped with all the necessary tools to clean, dry & repair blinds on-site

Transport Trailer

This"Transport Trailer" is 10'x 7'x 7' WITH NO wedge front. This ultrasonic blind cleaning transport trailer is designed so you can still clean & repair blinds on-site. You just hook up to any locations water source and the water goes through our on board heating system. This trailer is designed more around either picking up blinds to take back to your shop to be cleaned or by removing the ultrasonic blind cleaner form the trailer and wheeling it inside a building to do your cleaning. If the blinds your going to clean are small enough, you can clean them in the trailer. On a nice sunny day, just wheel the blind cleaner outside the trailer to do your cleaning.

Do It Yourself Trailer Kit

Turnkey Trailer Kit

Professional Blue Prints for 12 ft. or 16 ft. Trailers
Pictures and Step by Step Installation Instructions
140 Gallon Stainless Steel Fresh Water Tank (with Baffles)
2 - Instantaneous Heaters
1 - Water Pump
All Hoses, Quick Disconnects and Valves
8 or 10 ft. Stainless Steel Drip Tray with Liner
Shop Vac with Drying Attachment (for drying cloth blinds)
2 - Straps for securing Blind Cleaner

Total Kit $15,000.00

Add Blind Cleaner Package #1 - $16,734.00
Add Blind Cleaner Package #2 - $17,591.00

You can expect to pay anywhere from$15,000.00 to $20,000.00 for a new trailer, depending on what items you add to the trailer…ie...Air, Heat, Counters, Electrical, Water Proof Walls, Insulation, Rubber Flooring, Generator etc. All of these items and more are shown on our blue print drawings to discuss with the trailer company you decided to buy from

Building your own trailer can save you a good amount of money. Using our blue prints, instructional drawings and our retrofitted equipment will make your job a lot easier and more professionally done.

We have just celebrated our 30th year in business (April 1st 1988). That’s a LOT of blinds cleaned and repaired. Put your trust in the only company that cleans, manufactures and trains their clients from 30 years of cleaning and repair experience. We are the only Company that has a toll free 24/7/365 800# for support and the industries ONLY On-Line Training that goes along with our 3 day Hands–On training program.

When it comes to building a complete system to ensure your success in the ultrasonic blind cleaning business, has and will continue to develop the industry standards.

The finest and most reliable blind cleaners, the only company with ON-LINE TRAINING as well as HANDS-ON TRAINING, experience in the blind cleaning and repair industry since 1988. Along with the most well thought out on-site trailers make " ®" a wise choice

View An Actual Blind Cleaning Job In Our On-Site Trailer