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Our Digital Quality On-Line Training as well as our three (3) day Hands-On Training programs are FREE to all clients that purchase ® blind cleaning equipment.

After completing our three(3) day Hands-On Training at our ® Training Center, our clients are then supported with the industry's only ON-LINE TRAINING.

Put yourself on a job site and you forgot how to clean or repair a certain blind. Just login to our on-line training site utilizing your personal username & password, then just click onto the type of blind your cleaning or repairing and a digital quality video will demonstrate how to clean or repair that blind. However, by some chance you still have questions, call our 24/7 Hotline. Now that's true support. There is NO guess work when it comes to cleaning blinds with ®.

Don't spend your valuable time training a new employee, leave that to us and our on-line training program. It doesn't matter if you have 1 or 100 employees, just have them login and receive the best training in the industry. Then at the end of their training have them take our test and become a certified cleaner.

We take training seriously so you succeed right away. Backed by our years of hands-on experience, we take the guess work and anxiety out of cleaning and repairing blinds.

FREE comprehensive Hands On Training, supported by the industry's only cutting edge On-Line Training, 24/7 after market support and professional certification separate us from the competition. We show you how to operate and present the blind cleaning business in a way that no other manufacturer can.

The Most Thorough and Comprehensive FREE Training Available

  • All training is done one on one. We only train one company at a time. This makes our training truly personalized.

  • Our training is for three (3)days, 8 hours a day.

  • All training is conducted by a company certified trainer.

  • We'll train you in our training facility in Alden, New York. Just a few miles from beautiful Niagara Falls.

  • Our training includes blind cleaning, repairs, sales and how to market your business successfully.

  • All of our clients have the opportunity to become a certified blind cleaner. By taking the N.A.C.U.C.(north american certified ultrasonic cleaners)exam.

If you are unable to attend our three (3) day hands-on training classes, you can take advantage of our our On-Line Digital Video Training Center. This On-Line Training course covers all the same topics that are covered in our hands-on training class AND MORE.