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Training - Day 3
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Marketing and Administration

We know that our clients can buy a ultrasonic blind cleaner from several companies, but we also realize that a machine is a machine, with out the knowlegde on how to operate one correctly, or how to market the services of blind cleaning, blind repairs and blind sales, THAT'S ALL YOU HAVE IS A MACHINE

Where is the best place to learn how to operate a sucessful ultrasonic blind cleaning business? Why not from a company that has operated in the blind industry since 1987!

Since 1987 ®. has been operating it's own sucessful blind company. We took the time to learn this industry from the ground up. First we started with installing blinds, then we learned to repair them, then we started to sell blinds. After we learned the industry from the ground up, we then introduced ultrasonic blind cleaning, which helped create"THE ONE STOP SHOPPING CONCEPT" that our competitors try to duplicate.

Why would any customer want to purchase their blinds from someone other then a company that can Sell, Install, Clean and Repair them. We will show you how to market to customers with out the HUGE expense of advertising. There is a fine, but yet a definite line between ADVERTISING and MARKETING. Let us show you the difference, so you can keep the money your about to earn in your pocket, not the advertising companies.

What You Can Expect

  • How to launch our one-stop shopping concept.

  • How to set and achieve short and long term goals.

  • Learn the values and strategies of interpersonal networking.

  • Be instructed on programs to set up dry cleaners as drop-off centers.

  • Learn how to work with, not against, janitorial companies.

  • Step by step instructions on our custom-design "Biz Manager" data base.

  • Job scheduling.

  • A half-day learning our unique, industry-proven, marketing plan.

  • Introduction into our finely-tuned customer service program.

  • How to get repeat customers and referrals.