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3 Ways to Service


There are two ways of cleaning blinds on-site, the first is with the use of one of our three (3) different levels of mobile blind cleaning trailers.

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This option is the ultimate in customer service. Imagine how happy your clients would be to see a professional blind cleaning company pulling up to their home or business, setting up in minutes, removing their blinds, then take them out to your state of the art mobile blind cleaning trailer and then clean, dry and re-hang their blinds in less then two (2) minutes per blind. This service is especially appealing on a very hot sunny day. Nobody wants the sun beating down on them all day while their blinds are gone.

On-Site cleaning with a mobile trailer is very profitable. First you will receive $40-$50 for just showing up (we call this our on-site charge). With gas prices the way they are, just clean one location a day and you will never have to worry about the price of gas. Clean just two locations a day and it will pay for your trailer. Plus there's half the travel time. This means more personal time to enjoy life. This is a win - win situation, for both you as well as your cleaning customers.

The second method for cleaning on-site is to place your blind cleaning machine within a building and taking it from floor to floor to do your cleaning.


Another way of conducting business in the blind cleaning industry is by having a pick-up and delivery service. This will require a cargo van. The normal procedure for this service is to pick-up a customer's blinds in the morning and return them in the afternoon or early evening. This way the customer is not without their blinds over night. Approximately 2-3 homes can be serviced this way, by one person in an eight hour day.

With each house averaging $150-$200 in cleaning or repairs, that comes out to be an average of $300-$600 per day. Supplying a pick-up and delivery service to customers is also profitable for two reasons: the first being a charge of $40 for pick-up and delivery, which over the course of a day can average $80-120.00 or more. That works out to $400-600.00 a week in just pick-up & delivery charges and just working 5 days a week. This is just for picking up the blinds NOT cleaning them. As you can see, that will easily pay for any vehicle maintenance, insurance, as well as gas.

The second reason is that you are able to show your customers how to take down their own blinds and drop them off to you, which is even more profitable to you as well as less expensive to your customers.

We have also found out, along with other clients, that it is not necessary to start up a blind cleaning business utilizing a store front. The initial stages of blind cleaning can be performed right out of your basement or a two car garage.


As your business grows, your business will dictate to you the need for some type of drop off location. As your customers become more educated and aware on how to take down their own blinds, you have now created a need for them to have a location to drop their blinds off much like there is a need to have a dry cleaner to drop off their drapes.

Once the customers start bringing their blinds into your location, you'll only need one person to do the cleaning. One person can clean from $100-$150 worth of blinds an hour. Doing this over an eight hour day can be very profitable.

Once you start adding major accounts such as dry cleaners, janitorial companies, etc. to your list of clients bringing you blinds, you may then want to consider having blinds cleaned in shifts. The greatest part of this business is in knowing that a blind cleaning machine will never get tired.

As you grow the need for a drop off location becomes more important to other aspects of your business such as blind repairs and blind sales. Eventually, this location becomes a one stop shopping center for your clients -- they may drop off their blinds to be cleaned, repaired or even purchase new ones.